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Payette River Technical Academy, 721 W. 12th, Suite A, Emmett, ID 83617
Office:(208) 365-0985 FAX:(208) 365-7800

Mission Statement

The mission of Payette River Technical Academy (a.k.a. PRTA) is to provide a safe learning environment, integrated academic and professional technical skills, empowering each student to achieve world-class educational excellence, diverse career opportunities, and individual success in an ever-changing global society.


Welcome to Payette River Regional Technical Academy.  Payette River Technical Academy (PRTA) is a blended High School and Professional Technical Education Academy providing top-quality, personalized education for students in grades 7-12. At PRTA, we offer a new learning experience for secondary students.  Part of that new experience involves the likelihood that some of the classes offered by PRTA will be either blended or wholly online. Furthermore, students may attend for only a portion of the school day, week or year, or they may attend full time. Another significant difference is that PRTA is designed to prepare all students for postsecondary studies and employment in high-demand, high skill fields.

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Vision Statement

Our vision is that PRTA students who complete their school education will possess:

  • A foundation of dual credits and tech prep credits that will motivate them to
  • complete a post-secondary program leading to a successful and responsible life style and employment.
  • A mastery of basic skills — linguistic, mathematical, scientific, technical, physical and social.
  • An enquiring and discriminating mind and a desire for knowledge.
  • Strong self-esteem and high personal expectation.
  • Tolerance and respect for others.
  • An appreciation of the work ethic and the free enterprise system.
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We Believe that:

  • Successful education requires the collective effort of the student, parent, staff, and community.
  • A quality education includes excellence in teaching and exposure to technology, essential curricular materials, and a variety of learning experiences.
  • Every student should receive professional-technical and career based educational experiences.
  • Learning is a lifelong progress.
  • High expectations foster high achievement.
  • Diversity strengthens and enriches the climate and culture of our school.
  • Honesty, integrity, and responsible behavior are essential for a successful education.
  • A safe, nurturing environment promotes growth and success.
  • A learning environment must be established that values each individual and promotes self-worth.
  • A quality education enables students to make positive life
  • Everyone has the right to expect and the obligation to give respect.

Core Educational Philosophy

Our vision is to enable these individuals to acquire the necessary life skills that will equip them for later stages in life, and to optimize learning for each student so that they can achieve their individual learning objectives. This requires an understanding of each student and his/her profile; designing a high quality and relevant program that gives these students the best possible opportunity for career and/or academic success.

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